Cargo Professional Slim Wallet

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In India people needs wallet which can accommodate lots of things in wallets like 10 cards and many cash notes and bank slips with visiting cards and many more. Here is the wallet which can include all those belongings easily.

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Product Description

Cargo Professional Slim wallet is so good that it can contain all your valued ones in very high quantity.

In digital era there are still people they need to use their wallet as cargo plane and so here we are with a design that you can use as a cargo. This leather wallet opens on both sides and on one side we can put cash/coins/Bank Receipts and on the other side you can put Cards/ID Proofs. One of the Best in class wallet with quality leather and slim design. 

The smartest design

The key Features


Cargo Professional Wallet is look like a trifold wallet. This wallet has 10 card spaces and 2 money pocket but its design is so slim and amazing.

Original Leather

Slender Snake wallet is made from 98% original leather and 2% Strength materials made. Pure and original less processed leather.

Light Weight

This is most light weight wallet with actual 50GMS weight and this is feather touch light weight wallet with high strength.


One and only company in industry that provides you 1 years of warranty for the leather and stitching. We care for your wallet.

Fire Proof

As this is original leather so wallet do not shrink or burn instantly in fire and can save your money upto some time in fire situation.

RFID Proof

Slender Snake wallet is RFID-blocking designed to help insulate you from a very particular brand of electronic pickpocketing, called RFID scamming.


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Men always desire something that keep him always coming and that can happen by only slender snake wallet. This wallet can help you keep your spine and back pain-free as this is thinnest in size. The method of choosing leather, cotton and stitching is so hard that we are able to deliver best products in world.Let’s give you guys some more information for the wallet as below. Product Measurement & Specification
Name Cargo Professional Slim Wallet
Brand Slender Snake
Material Leather
Color Multicolor
Cash Notes Pocket 2 (Two)
Card Pockets 10 (Ten)
Inner Material Premium Cotton Lining
Stitch Patiently Stitched for Sturdiness
Wallet Size when its NOT OPEN.
Length 11.20CM
Width 8.60CM
Thickness 1.20CM
Wallet Size when its OPEN.
Length 33.30CM
Width 8.50CM
Thickness 0.30CM
How much a Slender Snake Wallet can accommodate?
Cash Notes Up to 40 pieces
Cards 12 Pieces
Visiting Cards 8 Pieces
ID Proofs 3 ID Proofs
Bills 2 Shopping Bills
Bank Slips 3 Bank Slips
This Slender Snake wallet is Crafted and packed at UK(London). This Slender Snake wallet is strictly for sale in India Only.

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2 reviews for Cargo Professional Slim Wallet

  1. Gaurav Shetty

    It look smart & classy and very good soft leather and also the packaging Omg it’s awesome! Guys ,I am not an expert in leather, so am not sure if it is real genuine leather but if it is ,u must buy it without hesitation. I will give you feedback after 5months of my experience

  2. Yash

    Good outlook! Hope it’s long lasting! Material is good!

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