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Slender Snake Thinnest Wallet (Black)

(5 customer reviews)


Slender Snake Thinnest Leather Wallet design is super unique and very easy to use and life long tangible product. We have used one of the best leather in the industry that makes this wallet pure and super tangible.

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Slender Sanke wallets are one of the most thinnest wallet ever designed and will not ever get designed in near future. These all wallets are created under the unique project work.

Men always desire something the keep him always comiong and that can happen by only slender snake wallet. The method of choosing leather, cotton and stitching is so hard that we are able to deliver best products in world. Let’s give you buys some more information for the wallet as below.

Additional information


Slender Snake Thinnest Wallet


Slender Snake



Cash Notes Pocket

2(Holds unto 40 Notes)

Card Pockets


Dimension (When Folded)

11.25cm × 8.75cm × 0.70cm (Length × Width × Thickness)

Dimension (When OPEN)

22.50cm × 8.75cm × 0.35cm (Length × Width × Thickness)


52 grams

5 reviews for Slender Snake Thinnest Wallet (Black)

  1. Syed muneer ali

    If you are looking for Slim wallet.. than this is the best choice available online.😊😊

  2. Habeeb Rahman

    Good product and value for money.
    Material is good. Fast delivery. Liked it. Go for it. With this price it’s nice

  3. Kathirvel Vignesh

    Product is nyc and packing also good

  4. Prasaad Shende

    I dont know weather it would be a prblm with everyone or not.. but I feel that the place to keep debit cards n other valuable cards are less and those which arr already there are not at tge right place… this was my review.. but overall the product was good

  5. Jeevan k.

    I am still using it may be 2 years have been past

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