Our Story

Our respected owner is in extreme love with leather products. And he is fond of leather. so he made his passion a business. When he used to visit roads and trip sees that people having problems in keeping wallets and if they carry more things than it becomes bulky and creates problems for people. And wallet are daily routine need and then gathered team designed a unique wallet design that can carry lot more things and also saves space and do not becomes bulky as well. Then we keep this project to the funding institute and the investors became so happy and they invested good money in to our firm.

Now as the works we are also on the same thought and slowly and steadily we are on our path to win the race. Actually at Slender Snake we all are passionate people turned passion to business and we are going good as a team. We are also exploring from one location to another.

Thin in Design,

Light in Weight

Most Thinnest Wallet ever made with pure leather and highest quality leathers used by the Slender Snake. Quality over Quantity is Our Motto.

Our Achievements

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Why Choose Us

We always focus on the quality of the product and we have mentioned earlier as well we have very high quality measures for choosing the material to design the wallet.

Our products are so good at quality that there is no match for quality in wallets than Slender Snake.

Our after sale services are our strength that helped us to keep up till now and we provide full support to our customers/client for the products they have purchased and we support them till last level of consuming the product. Our Support details are given below. You can reach us anytime.

Slender Snake provides you 1 year of warranty where you can return the product free of cost in case of any leather or stitching problems and we will make it repair or replace free of cost and thus we provide you Free return of the product for 1 year.

Product design is made so thinnest and made so useful so that it can accommodate all the things you need to carry for your daily life routine. We also take care of your health by making it slim so that it can make your spine and back feel comfortable.

Our Design

Slender Snake company always been a great company known for the quality and after sale services to their customers. Our company designs greatest and unique wallets ever.

Our company desires only one thing that we want to see every pocket to hold a wallet of slender snake in their
pockets and trust on company is our biggest asset.

Slender Snake always opens their big arms for the
suggestions from our customers/clients and we always improve products from the reviews of our valuable

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