Top 10 Types of Wallets

There are many types of wallet. When people want to shop for a leather wallet they tend to look for comfort and functionality. Wallets should make it easy for us to find our money, credit cards, business cards, Bills, Documents etc. Generally the main factor in determining which wallet to get is the organization, practicality and ease of accessibility. Although wallets are in our pockets for most of the time, they can still be stylish. The below are the top styles of wallets that people carry.

Bifold Wallet

Bifold wallets are universal wallets that most people are used. That wallet fold in half, have several card slots, and mostly include a bills and coins section.

Trifold Wallet

Trifold wallets have three sections with two folds. Trifold wallets are more thicker than bifold wallets because of folded twice, but actually it’s depends on the design. There are possible Trifold wallet take less space in a pocket than Bifold.

Money Clip Wallet

A Money Clip Wallet is a device typically used to store cash and credit cards in a very compact fashion for those who do not wish to carry a wallet. Money Clip makes it easy to insert and remove cash. You can also use the card slots to store cards or receipts. The money clip is an excellent alternative to most standard bifold wallets. Buy it Now

Hipster Wallet

Hipster wallets made by quality leather with features to fit your lifestyle. this wallet have all pockets to carry all your essentials like credit cards, business cards, cash, and receipts.

Zipper Wallet

Zipper Wallet have more space to store necessary stuff and Main benifit of this wallet is you keep all of your money, credit cards, ID, etc. from falling out of wallet because this wallet have zipper.

Hybrid Slim Wallet

This wallet made from high quality leather and special nylon microfibers which is used to make that wallet very slim. In this wallet you store your card, money, bills, document etc. Buy it Now

Magical Wallet

Mostly Magical wallet have card slot bill slot and money pocket. In this wallet money hold by elastic straps and money “magically” moving from one part of wallet to another when you close the wallet and reopen from other side. Buy it Now

Chain Wallet

Chain wallet also known as Biker Wallet. The main feature of this wallet is a massive chain. This chain attached to a belt loop and the other side of the chain clip on to a wallet, which is equipped with a special grommet. This simple system help to secure your wallet and prevent it from falling out of pocket.

Credit Card Holder

People who generally used many cards and does not want to take cash money they preferd to buy Credit Card Holder. In this type of wallet many slot to store card. there are no other space to store doccument, bills, etc. so Credit Card Holder seems like very slim or compact.

Shoe Wallet

Shoe wallets, also known as shoe pockets, shoe pouches, shoe pals, runners’ wallets, go wallets, etc. This wallet seems like a small pouches that attach to shoes via plastic clips, Velcro, or laces directly to or through the shoelaces. This wallet designed primarily for Walkers, runners and people exercising. Walkers and runners also use shoe wallets to carry ID when on the go.


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